Study Skill: Research

Champlain College custom video tutorials on research

Some of the best teachers at Champlain College — individuals responsible for teaching the most important subject — rarely step into a classroom. You can’t avoid them, however. If you’re smart, you’ll get to know them well. Who could they be?

They are our nationally recognized, award-winning librarians.

The Champlain College librarians’ work extends well beyond the traditional role of managing library collections and reaches a critical topic in higher education today: information literacy. Think about those words for a moment. Information. Literacy. How to become literate in the gathering, understanding, and use of information. Understood this way, information literacy is the bedrock of the research you carry out at Champlain College.

To help you prepare for and undertake research for your Champlain College courses, the library staff has prepare some useful videos that describe a range of topics central to this important academic work. Take a few moments to watch them — and you will find your way successfully through the vast information resources available to you.

Keep in mind that the library staff is available to assist you in person if you want help. Your professors will also be able to guide you. Venture boldly into your research!

Start with these A-Z Tutorials on such topics as an introduction to research, the difference between popular and scholarly articles, and how to access library resources on and off campus.

When that big research project appears on the horizon, don’t panic. Watch this:

“How to Start a Research Project”


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