September 9-10 — South End Art Hop

Contact: Professor Bob Selby —

Now in its 19th year,  SEABA has presented a remarkable exhibition of visual art, Vermont’s largest, the South End Art Hop. Champlain College has become a major participant in the Art Hop, presenting art work of Champlain students and faculty alike.

Champlain’s Art Hop Opening: Everyone is invited to the Champlain opening, at the Miller Center at Lakeside, Friday, September 9, 5 p.m.-5 p.m.

The Art Hop is a two-day event occurring on the weekend following the Labor Day holiday. It attracts over 30,000 visitors, the majority from outside Burlington. Visitors are attracted to the South End artist’s studios, and local businesses that are refit as art galleries and exhibition sites for the more than 500 participating artists. The event celebrates the unique characteristics of the Pine Street corridor, in particular the development of concentrated creative and artistic activity that has been established in numerous re-purposed factories and warehouses within the District.

Submission of work.  Artists should:

a. Contact Professor Bob Selby — — for information
b. Include the following data with each submission:
Price or NFS


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