September 20 — Artist’s book viewing — UVM

Contact: Rebecca Schwartz

Where and when: UVM Bailey Howe Library, Special Collections Reading Room, 5:30 p.m.

Etched in Wales

Welsh printer Shirley Jones returns to UVM to celebrate thirty years of printing under the imprint of the Red Hen Press. Jones will talk about her books, which are characterized by the artful marriage of text and images. A poet and storyteller as well as a printer, Jones has produced more than two dozen major works that are richly illustrated with etchings, aquatints and mezzotints. UVM Special Collections holds one of the major American collections of Jones’s work. More information at

September.  Shirley Jones’s works will be on display in the Bailey/Howe Library lobby and in Special Collections.

November-December.  The Special Collections exhibit cases will be filled with a selection of books produced for “An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street,” a project that asked artists to replace books lost in 2007 when a car bomb exploded in Baghdad’s al-Mutanabbi Street, the center of the city’s book trade.


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