September 18 — Watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group

McKeeContact: Professor James E. McKee,, 802.865.6495

Students interested in seeing a marketing brainstorming session at work are invited to check out the next Kelley Marketing Group meeting on campus.

When and Where: 7:45 a.m., Ireland 217

Fall 2013 Semester Dates:

* September 18 — Champlain Alum, Peter Deng.

He will be talking about The Deng Foundation, which he started.  I’ve attached his answers to our questionnaire below.

* October 16

* November 20

* December 18

Some nonprofits have expressed interest in presenting to the Kelley Group, but many openings remain. If you know of a non-profit in need of our services, please have them contact Professor McKee directly.

Peter Deng of the Deng Opportunities Foundation:

  1. Your name(s):_Peter Garang Deng_Today’s Date 09/02/2013
  2. Name of organization: Deng Opportunities Foundation

Web Address (URL)

  1. What is your organization’s mission? The mission of Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) is to raise money and provide scholarships to the orphaned children of Jonglei State in South Sudan, to achieve a better life through education. To provide funding for education, and educational services to orphaned children in Jonglei State in order to make children productive members and future leaders of their communities.
  2. Description of the services your organization provides: Deng Opportunities Foundation provides scholarships to orphaned children of South Sudan. In addition its help the graduate students from the program to find jobs with local government, NGOs and local businesses.
  3. Who are your competitors? Currently the competitors are ones (organizations) who are working in the state but on different topics but who might also be going after the same donors.
  4. How do your services compare to those of your competitors (E.g. price, quality, features, and name awareness)?  The services Deng Opportunities Foundation provide to the orphans of Jonglei State of South Sudan is very unique in the way that we only focus on helping orphaned children get education that they desperately needed. We are the first organization who started providing scholarships to orphans in Jonglei state. It cost $1,050 to send an orphan child to primary best boarding school and $1,200 to send orphan child to best boarding high school. The best schools in the neighboring country of Uganda. We ensure that our students learn at the safer place and are getting the best education. We also use 80% of donations we received toward our program, so all these are what differentiate us from others.
  1. What challenge(s) do you need our help with (E.g. public relations, brochures, etc.)? The challenges that I am facing are,
  • Recruiting board members who can come help grow the foundation
  • Identifying potential donors
  • Building strong network that can support the foundation in a big way. (This is big challenge to me as the founder of this foundation because I don’t know a lot of people here and that what makes it difficult.)
  • Fundraising campaign
  1. Who are your customers or clients? In this case my customers are the donors who supported or support my foundation and the individuals in the communities whom I haven’t reach out to yet.
  2. How are you currently marketing your services to your customers and prospective customers (E.g. retail, direct mail)? Through our website, e-newsletter and direct mail
  3. Do you have a marketing plan? (If not, we have attached an outline of a marketing of a marketing plan for you to review) Yes I have a marketing plan
  1. What is your profit history/goal? My goal is to raise enough money so that I can build Educational Training Center in Jonglei state where a huge number of orphans will be able to get educated in their own state and country.
  2. Is there anything else that will help us to understand your organization? Deng Opportunities Foundation is well received in Jonglei state of South Sudan for the work it has done for the past three years. And because of being well received, the town of Bortown in Jonglei state of South Sudan offered Deng Opportunities Foundation free land to build the center on. But under the condition that the foundation will have to start building on the land within two years or loss it to a business or organization ready to use the land.

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