September 12 — Invisible Children presentation

A note to Faculty: A few student leaders will be speaking in various classes before September 12th to promote this event and give a short presentation on their involvement with Invisible Children. Please contact Maggie Melvin, 802-383-6632,, if you wish to have a speaker in your class.

From an email message from Magdalene Melvin, Service Coordinator, Center for Community Service and Civic Engagement, dated August 23, 2011:

Our first campus-wide event of the school year is a great way to get your classes involved in discussions about human rights, war, politics, justice, how to motivate and organize the masses, planning a socially minded event, being an educated and engaged citizen, and so on.  On Monday, September 12th at 3:30pm in the Alumni Auditorium Champlain will be hosting speakers from Invisible Children ( to give a presentation and show their latest film, TONY, that discusses their mission to stop the Lord’s Resistance Army’s (the LRA) brutal war within four African countries (Uganda, Sudan, Central African Republic, and the Congo).  The two students planning the event, Sadie Stone and Angie Cummings, organized a film screening last spring in which the energy and excitement in the room among the 150 students, staff, and faculty was palpable.  This is a great cause and an inspiring organization that is very effective in targeting young people, like our students, to get involved to help stop the LRA and bring peace to these war-torn regions.  Please be in touch if you plan to bring your class to the event or for more information….


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