September 10 — presentation, “Mid-east Peace through the Sport of Lacrosse”

Contact: Julian Portilla,; the event is free but space is limited so please let Julian know if you are interested in coming.

Where and when: Morgan Room, Aiken Hall, 7 p.m.

Mediation alum Noah Miller to presents his experience in bridging difference in the Middle East through sportNoah Miller

Mediation alum Noah Miller—currently a Doctoral candidate—is using the game of lacrosse as a vehicle to facilitate community development and peace building in Israel. Noah has taken his experiences in leadership development, conflict resolution, and collaborative learning to implement lacrosse programs that change perceptions, build bridges, and develop trust among the eclectic populations of Israel.

Working closely with the Jewish, Ethiopian, and Arab populations of the country, Noah is influencing the social fabric of Israel by using the game to create shared experiences and build relationships within these different ethnic groups.

Noah is responsible for directly coaching over 120 boys and girls in the southern city of Ashkelon in addition to 30 players in the Yafo co-existence program, targeting the Jewish Israeli’s and Arab Israeli’s of Yafo. Noah also collaborates with other NGOs, community and school leaders, and parents to leverage their capabilities in achieving their shared goals. As an Israeli National team `player and local role model, Noah is using lacrosse as a means to create and sustain change among the youth populations of Israel.

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P.S. Check out the Mediation program’s 30th anniversary celebration webpage!


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