List of study skills pages (also below the following text)

No one should have to tell you that the job market is tough these days.

This argues for making the most of your time at Champlain College. You came here to pursue a profession and to experience all that college life has to offer. Enjoy yourself. But take note: Your competitive edge beyond Champlain starts with your competitive at Champlain. You can’t afford to waste time doing anything other than your very best work. No one can.

You’re concerned about developing job skills, and you should be. Well, what kind of study skills do you possess to help you learn job skills most productively? For that matter, what kind of appetite do you really have for learning — not merely about how to do X, Y, and Z, but about the professional, community, and global contexts within which this work takes place? About why it all matters? About what it all means? Seriously: How important is it — to you — that you learn all that you can during your Champlain years? Be honest with yourself, and then consider whether this is a winning attitude for these challenging economic times.

S O M E   G O O D   N E W S : Academic coaching is available to you through Champlain’s Academic Coaching department. Consider taking advantage of this valuable resource.

S O M E   M O R E   G O O D   N E W S : The links below lead to brief tutorials, strategies, and tips for developing effective study skills and habits. This information was synthesized from the wealth of information widely available on study skills — as well as from the experience of Champlain College professors who know, maybe better than anyone, what your school has to offer you — and what life after graduation likely holds in store.

T H E   B E S T   N E W S   O F   A L L : You’re surrounded, quite literally, by all the resources you’ll need to succeed at Champlain College. The big question, though, is whether or not you’ll make use of them.

Study Skills pages:

Time management

Critical reading




Class discussion

Events and activities outside the classroom


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