“Photograph 51” (play) — featuring Champlain alumna

Champlain College’s own Alexandra Hudson (Sevakian) stars in the Vermont Stage Company production of Anna Ziegler’s riveting 2008 drama Photograph 51 — about the race to discover the structure of DNA.

Performances:  October 5-October 23, Wednesday-Saturday at 7:30 pm, Saturday-Sunday at 2:00 pm      Purchase Tickets     Find out about ticket discounts.

The play offers great course connections to Scientific Revolutions, Aeshetic Expressions, Concepts of the Self, Concepts of the Community, and any course concerned with gender rights and women’s (often overlooked) contributions to science and other fields.

(see video preview below)

SYNOPSIS: In 1952, the race to determine the existence of the double helix was at a fervent peak. The one in the lead: Rosalind Franklin, a fiercely independent British scientist who took the first clear photograph of the DNA molecule. In this biographical examination of her life, playwright Anna Ziegler explores the controversy surrounding the significance of the contribution of this image to the work of Watson and Crick, as well as the methods by which they obtained it. Begging the question — did Franklin get the credit she deserved?


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