October 3 — Michael Jager of JDK Design — Emergent Landscape Speaker Series

The Emergent Landscape Speaker Series presents...

October 3 — Michael Jager, President/CEO/Chief Creative Officer — Jager Di Paola Kemp Design

5:30 pm, Miller Center, 175 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington, VT

This event is open for interested parties and prospective MFA students!

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Not able to attend or follow live? Check out our blog for a recap of events and stay tuned for upcoming events and projects at the EMC: http://emergentmediacenter.blogspot.com/

For more than 20 years, Michael Jager has directed the multidisci­plinary creative and design efforts of JDK, a studio whose process is informed by emotional, rational and cultural forces and whose focus centers on the idea that design distinction matters.

Working with internal and external partners, Michael has helped to create proprietary processes, experiences and exploratory environments like Living Brand®, the Collaboratory, Exquisite Corpse Artsite, Iskra Print Collective, and Sanctuary Artsite. Guided by Ezra Pound’s simply but elegantly stated principle, “Make it new,” his collaborative output for a multitude of today’s most important and relevant brands–including Burton Snowboards, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Zune, Nike, Levi’s, SRAM, Phish, MTV, Virgin, and Patagonia–is recognized worldwide by design periodicals, books, competitions, exhibitions and his peers.

Through IAMCUMULUS, JDK’s product-design arm, he has also begun creating unique home, sport and lifestyle brands, such as Goodnest and Maglianero. Michael lives in Burlington, Vt., with his wife and three children.

The MFA in Emergent Media degree program is proud to host a range of engaging speakers as part of its second Emergent Landscape Speaker Series.  The series is part of the EMM 510 — The Emergent Landscape class which explores the questions, “Who are the thought leaders in emergent technologies, and what are they thinking?”

Visiting thought leaders, practitioners, entrepreneurs, researchers and scholars will present their work and concepts in a discussion series on current trends impacting communications. Special attention will be given to the origins and evolution of these ideas.


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