Oct. 31 — film, “Ugetsu” — DFM Japan film series

Screenings times: Wednesdays, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Perry 240
Contact: Professor Huixia Lu, hlu@champlain.edu


(1953, Dir. Mizoguchi, 97 mins.)     View trailer below.

Japanese Cinema: Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, and Ozu

Read more about the filmmaker below.

This semester’s screenings focus on the work of the three masters before and after WWII. Each auteur had a distinguished style. Their body of work will expose the audience to a variety of themes and cinematic expressions, set in the historical context of certain times in Japan. There will be discussions after each film.

Note: The films and schedules are subject to change.

About Kenji Mizoguchi:

“Quite simply one of the greatest of filmmakers,” said Jean-Luc Godard of Kenji Mizoguchi. And Ugetsu, a ghost story like no other, is surely the Japanese director’s supreme achievement. This haunting tale of love and loss–with its exquisite blending of the otherworldly and the real—is one of the most beautiful films ever made. Sisters of the Gion follows the parallel paths of the independent, unsentimental Omocha (Yoko Umemura) and her sister, the more tradition-minded Umekichi (Yoko Umemural), both geishas in the working-class district of Gion. Mizoguchi’s film is a brilliantly shot, uncompromising look at the forces that keep many women at the bottom rung of the social ladder.

— Criterion Collection


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