Oct. 30 — BYOBiz “Speaking from Experience” — Pete’s Greens!

Contact:Robert W. Bloch, director, BYOBiz Program, rbloch@champlain.edu, (802) 865-6490, (802) 598-8712 cell            Explore the BYOBiz archive

Where and when: Perry Hall Presentation Room, 7 p.m.

Next up… Pete Johnson, Founder of Pete’s Greens

Pete Johnson translated a childhood love of gardening into a thriving four season organic meat and vegetable farm – in climate challenged Craftsbury, Vermont!  Pete started with a pumpkin business as a child, built a solar powered greenhouse as a college project, and now produces and markets a wide range of agricultural products from his 190 acre farm in the Northeast Kingdom.  A great story of an innovative agricultural entrepreneur.

Upcoming speaker…

Wednesday, November 28, 7 p.m. – Jade Jenny (’10), Founder and Head Trainer of Champlain Valley Crossfit

Info on Crossfit

In his senior year at Champlain, Jade joined BYOBiz and worked to develop a business idea that came directly from his lifelong passion.  Jade Jenny graduated Summa Cum Laude from Champlain’s Business Division and set off to chase his dream – to open an exercise studio featuring the Crossfit approach to physical fitness, which combines exercise and dietary techniques to help people achieve all around fitness and healthy lives.  Starting that first summer offering exercise classes in a local park,  today Jade’s 9,000+ square foot fitness facility in Williston, VT offers daily fitness classes to over 200 members.

Speaking From Experience brings  interesting entrepreneurs to campus to share their experiences and insights with the community. Over the past five years we have been fortunate to present over thirty entrepreneurs, mostly local, who have informed and inspired our students, faculty and staff. Link to other speakers in the series.

This year, we are partnering with the Environmental Policy Program and Champlain Sustainability to present several speakers whose businesses are directly involved in the sustainability space, broadly defined.  Two of our Fall speakers are in this category and the third is a recent alumnus of Champlain (and BYOBiz) who is following his passion and building a successful business that is positively impacting people’s lives.

Explore the BYOBiz archive


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