Oct. 17 — Watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group

Contact: Professor James E. McKee, mckee@champlain.edu, 802.865.6495

Students interested in seeing a marketing brainstorming session at work are invited to check out Kelley Marketing Group meetings on campus.

When and Where: 7:45 a.m., Ireland 217

Next up…

Anne MacLeod of KidSafe Collaborative.  Her response to our questionnaire is below.

Other fall 2012 Dates:
November 14*     (the second Wednesday)
December 19th

Organization: KidSafe Collaborative
Contact Name: Anne MacLeod
Application Submitted: Mon May 14 2012

Web Site:



To engage agencies, community groups, and individuals to work together to improve our community\’s response to child abuse and neglect.

KidSafe Child Protection and Family Support Teams are interagency groups that meet to ensure that coordinated services are available to parents whose children have experienced or are at risk of maltreatment; KidSafe serves as the neutral convener, with no agency \’agenda\’.  Each meeting is tailored to a family\’s specific needs and meets in a setting that is familiar to the parents.  Another form of child protection team works to support women who are pregnant and have a history of opiate dependence, and their babies; we ensure access to prenatal and substance abuse care and help monitor progress during and after the pregnancey. We also work at the community and state level, bringing our partners together to identify gaps in services and to improve communication and collaboration (for example, between state and private agencies), and other means of improving the means of preventing and addressing cihld abuse and neglect.  KidSafe also trains professionals whose work puts them in close contact with children how to recognize and report child maltreatment (\”Mandated Reporter Training\”).

No other group is doing what KidSafe does.  Protect Child Abuse Vermont is a statewide agency, with an emphasis on parenting trainings and educational outreach concerning children and their use of the internet – and more.  PCAV is based in Montpelier.  KidSafe is based in Burlington, and its Child Protection Teams primarily serve Chittenden County families.

Competitor Comparison:
Kidsafe does not provide direct services; the agencies who are partners in the collaboration pay dues to be involved but provide participants in our meetings at no cost.  Team meetings do not cost clients – there is no fee structure.  KidSafe\’s name recognition is on the rise but there is considerable room for improvement.

Who Are Your Clients?:
Our clients are actually the clients of the direct service agencies — or one might consider our partner agencies as \”clients\” of the collaborative – ?  Our donors are state and private agencies and foundations, local businesses and individuals.  Our individual donor base is quite small.

What Are Your Challenges?:
It is very challenging to explain what KidSafe does in a few words, with any real meaning.  It\’s hard to convey that KidSafe is both its partner members and its core leadership.  We also find it challenging to explain why this kind of network is necessary.  We work with families whose situations are extremely complicated – a kind of subset.  It is hard to \”prove\” that we improve child safety and challenging to demonstrate the \”cost to society\” if KidSafe teams were not intervening with families in need or services.

Currently Marketing Your Organization?:
WE do not seek out \”clients\”; they are referred to us, although we do considerable outreach to schools and others to ensure they are aware our services exist.  Public awareness and donor outreach include:  direct mail (minimal), newsletters, email, web presence (our website is being redesigned), press releases, radio interviews, op-eds and event promotion/advertising [often pro bono].

Have A Marketing Plan?:

What Is Your Profit Goal?:
\”Profit\”?  If you mean revenue and reserve funds, KidSafe has nearly doubled its fundraising line in the past three years, but state grants remain precarious.  Last year, for the first time, we had some funds in reserve.

Other Info?:
We have an extremely active and effective Board of Directors.  We recently carried out a SWOT analysis but do not really have a full marketing plan as described here.


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