November 19 — film and discussion, “King Corn”

King Corn
and conversation with filmmaker Ian Cheney

Contact: Core Dean Betsy Beaulieu,

Where and when: Alumni Auditorium, 7 p.m., FREE

This is the inaugural event in the Champlain Chautauqua series. Read more about Chautauqua.



Chautauqua is a uniquely American art form dating to the nineteenth century.  Co-founder of the movement John Vincent defined Chautauqua as “…an idea, embracing the ‘all things’ of life — art, science, society, religion, patriotism, education —  whatsoever tends to enlarge, refine, and ennoble the individual.” 

Taking the form of traveling shows, lectures, workshops, or educational institutes, it was the aim of Chautauqua “to take people on all sides of their natures and make them new, more intelligent and thoughtful in a world of ideas.”

Our Chautauqua this year, which has been generously funded by a gift to the College, takes as its theme FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!


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