November 15-16 — “23 Hours of Art Marathon”


Contact: Eric Ronis,

Where and when: Hauke Conference Center, 6 p.m., November 15, THROUGH noon, November 16  P O S T P O N E D

From Eric Ronis: Once again this year the CREM.BFA will sponsor our “23 Hours of Art” marathon (which has never actually been for 23 hours, nor will it ever be). This year we are doing the event in the Fall so that COR 220 classes might be able to participate.

The question is: What is art? Ideally, 81 different presenters will each present a different work of “art” (any and all genres, media) during the marathon (each presenter is responsible to fill 10 minutes).

Two ground rules:

1. The art work presented cannot be one’s own. So you could present a poem by Yeats, a snippet of a Hitchcock film, an image from Georgia O’Keefe, a monologue that your roommate wrote, a sculpture you bought at a yard sale, or even a really beautiful wine bottle. But it’s not your own–no need to defend or to prove anything.
2. There is no discussion or debate during the ten minutes. The presenter presents the work and says why it’s art or what s/he likes about it or feels about it or . . . . The audience listens and accepts. There will be time built in for discussion/debate throughout the event.”


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