Nov. 8-11 — Tent City and other events

Contact: Maggie Melvin,, 383-6632; Hannah Andersen,

Tent City Facebook event:

The Center for Service and Civic Engagement is excited about the evolution of this annual event, which is organized by a group of dedicated students (including Hannah Andersen, Shelby Dickenson, Tommy Wheelis, Karina Svenson and Michael Frekey). There are many opportunities for staff and faculty to get involved.

Take out your wool socks and lay out your sleeping bags! It is time again for Tent City! If you are not aware of what Tent City is, it is a solidarity event aimed to educate the Champlain community about some of the issues that surround homelessness. We do that by offering speakers, movies and community events that will teach people about the issues surrounding homelessness. Then to make the experience resonate for years to come, there is also the option of sleeping outside in the cold Vermont air with dozen of students and faculty.

This year Tent City is going to look a little different. Instead of holding the event the week before Thanksgiving break it will be taking place the weekend before (November 8-11). In an attempt to raise money for the homeless population in Burlington, the Tent City Committee is also asking participants to get sponsors this year. Our goal is to get each participant to raise $10 for every night they sleep out. They will spend the week leading up to Tent City gathering support from friends, classmates, co-workers, and employers. Donations will then be collected each night during the event registration. This new aspect of Tent City is not required for participation, but is strongly encouraged. Not everyone chooses to sleep out, but by sponsoring a student you can still contribute to the cause and show your support. If you choose to contribute with a check it can be made payable to “COTS”.

to get involved.WE ARE LOOKING FOR SUPPORT! There are many ways that you can help.

1. Donate to the cause! We will have Tent City Planning Committee members tabling the week before and week of Tent City. Find us out in the courtyard or in IDX and drop some change in the collection bucket!

2. Offer extra credit to students that are willing to sign up and spend a night outside!

3. Sleep outside yourself! The staff and faculty night is on Sunday November 11, 2012!

4. Spread the word! This is a great event in which students, staff and faculty could learn a lot.


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