Nov. 28 — Watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group

Contact: Professor James E. McKee,, 802.865.6495

Students interested in seeing a marketing brainstorming session at work are invited to check out Kelley Marketing Group meetings on campus.

When and Where: 7:45 a.m., Ireland 217

Next up…

Kevin Lawrence and the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival!

Web Address:       Questionnaire responses below

Other fall 2012 Dates:
December 19th

Questionnaire responses:

What is your organization’s mission? Teaching and performing chamber music

  1. Description of the services your organization provides: Each summer since 2005 we have run a four week residential program on the campus of UVM for approximately 130 students ages 14 to 28, as well as a series of six concerts performed by festival faculty and attended by festival students and community members.
  2. Who are your competitors? Competitors for local audiences and donations include Lake Champlain CM Festival and Craftsbury Festival
  3. How do your services compare to those of your competitors (E.g. price, quality, features, and name awareness)? Our ticket prices are somewhat lower. Name awareness is less and audiences are smaller than either LCCMF or Craftsbury. The quality of the concerts is very high, certainly higher than Craftsbury though not as consistently high as LCCMF.
  4. What challenge(s) do you need our help with (E.g. public relations, brochures, etc.)? Finding ways to attract media attention, corporate sponsorships and private donations
  5. Who are your customers or clients?  Local chamber music aficionados
  6. How are you currently marketing your services to your customers and prospective customers (E.g. retail, direct mail)? Our web site includes extensive material about our concert series, facilitates production of e-newsletters, and allows us to capture information from those who purchase tickets online. A fundraising appeal is mailed to our mailing list (just over 1000 names) in early November. A season brochure is sent to the same list early in June. We pay for frequent ads on WVPR and WCVT and do interviews on these radio stations during our festival period. Concerts are entered on all arts regional arts calendars. To date, our press releases have generated only minimal press coverage of our concerts. Last summer a noted flutist with connections to CBS did a very useful piece for the local CBS affiliate on our final concert in which she was performing; she also produced a series of vlogs on the festival and the area for
  7. Do you have a marketing plan? (If not, we have attached an outline of a marketing of a marketing plan for you to review) Our current marketing plan remains as described above.
  8. What is your profit history/goal? Until the 2012 season, our profits exceeded our expenses each year, enabling us to build a financial reserve. A significant portion of these funds was used this past year to revamp the web site, and to experiment with more substantial printed materials to advertise our concert series.
  9. Is there anything else that will help us to understand your organization? Our financial resources come primarily from student tuition. Student recruitment has been quite successful; the marketing of our concert series has been more difficult and is thus the focus of this study. There is a tremendous need for scholarship funding, so monies for promotion of the concert series will always be limited.

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