Nov 10 — presentation, Transracial adoption in Vermont

Contact: Molly Loomis,; 802.864.1848 x110 or 877.324.6386 x110

Where and when: ECHO, ; cost: $2 all day for everyone!

Visit ECHO site:

Transracial adoption, raising kids of color in Vermont & Burlington’s changing community

Please join us for a day of expanded programming designed to enhance the experience of the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit at ECHO!

On November 10, we will offer workshops, panel discussions and community conversations about transracial adoption, raising kids of color in Vermont, and the impacts of changing demographics in Burlington.

Please check out the attached schedule of events and pass it along to your friends and colleagues.

We also invite you to learn more about the exhibit RACE: Are We So Different?, join us for special community events, or book a group program package for your staff or school.  Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or call 1.877.324.1848.


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