March 21 — watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group

Contact: Professor James E. McKee,, 802.865.6495

Students interested in seeing a marketing brainstorming session at work are invited to check out the next Kelley Marketing Group meeting on campus.

When and Where: 7:45 a.m., Ireland 217

On the agenda…

Cara Feldman Hunt and Heidi Bock of the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health.

The clients’ responses to the Kelley Group questionnaire are below:

Name of organization: Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health

  1. Web Address (URL):
  2. What is your organization’s mission? The Laura Mann Center promotes the benefits of integrative health by bridging the gap between individuals from the community and health practitioners from all disciplines. We are a resource for the integrative health community and our center works to improve communication among providers and patients, administer educational programs and support integrative initiatives.
  3. Description of the services your organization provides:
  • Communication:   The Laura Mann Center is building an online Integrative Health Network that will showcase allopathic and complementary therapies available in Burlington and the surrounding counties.  This network will improve communication and access to qualified practitioners, generate trustworthy referrals and be inquiry driven.  It will provide individuals with immediate access to practical information about their condition from a variety of disciplines and will empower them to explore health care options with their providers.  Doctors and providers will have a referral system at their fingertips as well as an educational tool to keep them current on the latest research in this growing field of integrative health care.
  • Education:   We educate the public and providers about a new paradigm of integrative medicine.  Producing workshops and lecture series with well respected innovators, our goal is to educate all interested parties including doctors, nurses, resident physicians, medical students and complimentary providers about the integration of alternative and allopathic medicine.
  • Support:  Our research indicates a strong desire and need for integrative health care in the greater Burlington area for both providers and community members.  Integrative health care practitioners are looking for an efficient way to provide resources for their patients and to improve communication with each other.  Unfortunately, administrative support, time and resources for integrative initiatives are slim and often many inspired ideas do not come to fruition.
  • The Laura Mann Center makes things happen by collaborating with and supporting integrative groups and practices.  We are excited about our first collaboration with the Program in Integrative Health (PIH) at the University of Vermont (UVM) College of Medicine and are actively seeking other opportunities to help advance integrative health initiatives in the area for researchers, allopathic clinicians and complementary and alternative practitioners, bringing this broad array of modalities closer together.
  1. Who are your competitors? :
  • How do your services compare to those of your competitors (E.g. price, quality, features, and name awareness)? :  Our service is local focused on VT versus the Integrative Practitioner is national and focuses more on an annual conference.
  • What challenge(s) do you need our help with (E.g. public relations, brochures, etc.)? We need help spreading the word, fundraising, breaking into organizations like FAHC and other hospitals throughout VT.
  • Who are your customers or clients? Allopathic physicians, complementary and alternative providers, health consumers and patients.
  • How are you currently marketing your services to your customers and prospective customers (E.g. retail, direct mail)?  Face to face meetings, e-mail newsletters to our 1000 person list, postcards delivered to practitioners/providers, board member friend raising, UVM PIH Lecture Series, Integrative Health week at UVM, health conferences, advertising in local papers, psa.
  • Do you have a marketing plan? (If not, we have attached an outline of a marketing of a marketing plan for you to review):  We do not have a marketing plan.
  • What is your profit history/goal? Our network is due to launch in early march, we are hoping to bring 18- 20 k in the first year
  • Is there anything else that will help us to understand your organization? We are mostly funded by one family foundation and are looking for local support.  It is critical that we can show an increase in local support so that the family foundation will continue to fund us.  We have new board of directors.  They are very passionate and come from diverse backgrounds.  We want to empower them and channel their energy in a more productive way.



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