March 21 — Speak Easy

Stuck in a rut?  Get unstuck, with Speak Easy!

Contact: Dr. Craig Pepin (at left),, 651-5923; and Dr. Charles Bashaw (at right),, 651-5945pepin

BashawWhere and when: IDX Fireside Lounge, 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Mud season is fast approaching, along with the post break, second half of the semester ruts.Mud

Take a break, recharge and enjoy some of the finest conversations on campus at the Speak Easy, featuring –
–          Fresh brewed Ethiopian coffee,
–          Fine comestibles, cheeses, fruits, cookies,
–          The ever popular mystery international food (has included Chinese 100 year old eggs, Norwegian goat’s milk cheese, candied beef hearts, Indian cheddar in a can) – usually tasty, always exciting,
–           And of course, the open, friendly and invigorating conversations and interactions with people from all areas of campus.


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