Jan. 29 — Facebook workshop with Elaine Young

Contact: Elaine Young, eyoung@champlain.eduElaine Young

When and where: 5 -7 p.m., Ireland 117

This advanced Facebook workshop will discuss the following:

  1. Graph Search and its implications for students including likes, groups, and profile information
  2. How to segment your friend groups
  3. Creating interest lists
  4. Privacy settings to utilize
  5. Coming up with a Facebook strategy for your Digital Identity.

The outcomes of this workshop include:

  1. Learn the power of Graph Search
  2. Learn the impact of your likes, groups, profile content, cover images, tagging, and friend networks on what results you will come up in on Graph Search
  3. Learn how to utilize your privacy settings based on your goals.
  4. Learn the difference between friends and followers and why you might utilize the follower option in Facebook
  5. Expand knowledge of how to segment postings

This will be the first in a series of workshops that Dr. Elaline Young will be conducting this semester on different social tools.  Seniors and student leaders on campus should strongly consider attending. Students should bring laptops so they can access Facebook directly — not through a mobile application.


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