Jan. 16 — Watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group

Contact: Professor James E. McKee, mckee@champlain.edu, 802.865.6495

Students interested in seeing a marketing brainstorming session at work are invited to check out Kelley Marketing Group meetings on campus.

Other Kelley Group meeting dates for spring 2013:
* Weds. February 20
* Weds. March 20
* Weds. April 17
* Weds. May 15

When and Where: 7:45 a.m., Ireland 217

Next up…


Web Address: Alcoholismresearch.org       Questionnaire responses below

Questionnaire responses:



To raise and distribute funds to perform research in the following areas: Causes, Identification, Detection, Prevention, Control, Treatment, and Cure of/for Alcoholism.

Awarding research grants -we have given two of them to date.

Identifying research to be done.

Other disease non-profits.

Private foundations doing alcohol and alcoholism research.

Competitor Comparison:
We are young – they are established.

Who Are Your Clients?:
Friends, family, contacts at street fairs, local businesses.

Approximately 250 people on the FAR mailing list.

What Are Your Challenges?:
Name Recognition

Substantial Fundraising

How to market to/effectively address people who refuse to see alcoholism as a disease?

Growing the volunteer base

Ineligibility for grants – United Way and Vermont Community Fund required us to help people directly and in their geographic area.

Currently Marketing Your Organization?:
email –  facebook –  USPS –  Press Releases –  newspaper and media calendars, You Tube, Fairs, Booths, eBay

Have A Marketing Plan?:
yes, but outdated and not in use

What Is Your Profit Goal?:
Fundraising Goal of $2 million in 3 years.

Other Info?:

FAR has a 5 member Board of Directors who operates the organization.

FAR has a 6 member advisory panel of experts.

FAR has the pro-bono services of a large law firm In Boston.

FAR received IRS 501 (c) 3 status in July 2008


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