February 28 — Elevator Pitch Competition

Contact: Robert W. Bloch, Director, BYOBiz Program, rbloch@champlain.edu, (802) 865-6490

Where and when: Alumni Auditorium, 8 p.m.

Announcing the names of those students who will move on to the 2012 Elevator Pitch Finals:

Finalists – Entrepreneurs:
Will Mercer, Marketing 2015
Tyler Holt, International Business 2012
Nick Foley, Marketing 2014
Kelsey Hall, Marketing 2013
Russell Whitehead, Psychology 2013
Drew Vaeth, Business/Entrepreneurship 2015
Nate Getzow, Game Production 2012

Note: There are seven in this category because two contestants earned tie scores.

Finalists – Job/Internship Seekers:
Jennifer Martin, Accounting 2013
Lawuo Dolo, Accounting 2014
Brittany Leaning, Marketing 2012
Tito James, Game Art 2015
Ariel Grover, Psychology 2013
Will McCue, Psychology 2012

Finalists – Non-profit/Social Advocates:
Griffen Fargo, Electronic Game Design 2013
Christen Ilacqua, Social Work 2012
Alyssa Neville, Graphic Design 2012
Eric Pollock, Graphic Design 2012
Michael Snook, Marketing 2014
Emily Swan, Psychology 2012

Other Competitors:
Assadullah Akhlaqi, Computer Information and Technology/ Web 2015
Jeremy Allmendinger, Professional Writing 2014
David Bender, Graphic Design 2013
Erin Campbell,  Business 2014
Angela Cathey,  Accounting 2013
Brian Culmo,  Graphic Design 2015
Christopher Douville, Game Art & Animation 2015
Robin Guillian,  Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies 2013
Charles Iszard,  CNIS 2015
Mahmoud Jabari, Communications 2015
Navah Lemieux, Hospitality/Hotel Management 2013
Joseph Letourneau, CNIS 2013
Vasily McCausland, Game Programming 2015
Sean McFarlane, Game Design 2014
Quintin Rice, Business with a minor in game production 2014
Billy St. Louis, Business Administration 2015
Anthony Urena, Computer Science & Innovation 2015

A special thank-you from Robert Bloch to some the folks who helped make the Semi-Finals a success:

Executive Producer and Director: Pat Boera, Head Coach and Performance Critic: Eric Ronis, Suit: Kyle Dodson, Scorekeeper, Dave Madonna, CSCE, Judges: Marcelle Langan, Marketing; Lynne Ballard, Academic Affairs; Janet Cottrell, Miller Information Commons; Sarah Andriano, Office of Admission; Sarah Potter, Career Services; Dave Strubler, Div. of Business…Plus…students Kelsey Hall and Paige Rolfe, Hostesses and Photographer Extraordinaire; Steve Mease, Marketing Dept.; Nick Galante, Champ Support; Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sodexho; and Michael Mansfield-Marcoux, Event Center.


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