Feb. 26 — speaker, Human Rights in the Gambia

Contact: Kaitlyn Lavalette, kaitlyn.lavalette@mymail.champlain.edu

Where and when: Alumni Auditorium, 2 p.m.

Guest Speaker Dr. Saja Taal: Civil & Human Rights

in The Gambia

Dr. Saja Taal from the Gambia in West Africa is a prominent educational figure and senior faculty member at the University of Gambia. He is also a seasoned political scientist and a human right activist with tremendous professional experience both within and outside the Gambia. Dr. Taal has worked with Commonwealth Secretariat, the UNESCO, and Civil and Human Rights in the Gambia- An Educational PerspectiveCODESRIA and as a permanent secretary of the president of the Gambia. Dr. Taal established Jammeh Foundation for Peace in 1997 to advance peace in the Gambia and West Africa sub-region. Dr. Taal has a vast array of knowledge on various topics such as conflict resolution, democratization, human rights, peace building, service learning, and violence prevention.

Additionally, Dr. Taal is a longtime colleague of Dr. John Meyer (adjunct professor in the Graduate Program and Champlain Psychology Program) from his Peace Corps days in the Gambia. Together, Dr. Taal and Meyer have collaborated on several International Service Learning projects between Vermont and the Gambia.


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