Sept. 17 — Emergent Landscape speaker series

Link to the whole series schedule.

Contact: Sarah Jerger,

Where and when: Perry Hall Presentation Room (except Oct. 1 and Dec. 10 — Alumni Auditorium), 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. (Dec. 10, 5:30 p.m. start)

Cost: Attendance is free, but reservations are requiredTo attend: Priority seating will be given to MFA students and undergraduate students from co-hosting programs. If additional seats are available, they will be available for other Champlain students, faculty, staff and community members on a first-come, first-serve  basis.  ALL attendees must RESERVE a seat in advance. Please email with “Speaker Series Reservation” in the subject line and indicate which speaker event you’d like to attend. Only 1 ticket per person. Students who are part of a class from a co-hosting program should confer with the appropriate faculty member about whether a class reservation has already been made.

Each event will feature a closing reception open to attendees with pizza and beverage provided.

Link directly to speakers’ biographies.

* Sept. 17: IDEO: Karl Abele & David Goligorsky

* Oct. 1: Eidos, Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Mary DeMarle & Jean-Francois Dugas

* Oct. 15: VPR’s Jane Lindholm and Seven Days’ Eva Sollberger

* Oct. 29: JDK’s Christina Sbarro & Peter O’Neil

* Nov. 5: Kristen Haring

* Nov. 26: EMC: Mahmoud Jabari – BREAKAWAY game camps in Hebron

* Dec. 10: Emergent Landscape Symposium (5:30-8:15)

Presenter biographies:


Karl Abele

Karl is a Prototyper in IDEO’s Boston studio and has worked on a variety of industrial, health and consumer projects since joining the firm in 2008.
Karl is a critical member of Boston’s design group, expert in finding the quickest way to represent ideas ranging from books to boxes to buildings. He is a master in many aspects of the mechanical workshop including all manner of cutting, shaping, affixing and powering methods. His efforts proudly embody a famous quote from IDEO founder David Kelley “…fail faster, so you can succeed sooner” – helping to figure out the details of what will work and what will not. He applies this philosophy both in his prototyping work with design teams and in his side projects, recent examples of which have included constructing a vacuum-forming rig from scratch (handy for prototyping soft goods) and perfecting a “Frisbee-Cam” which provides a whole new perspective from every dog’s favorite toy.
Karl holds a degree in Electromechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

David Goligorsky:
David Goligorsky is a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer at IDEO. His academic history has been a shuttle between the depths of scientific analysis, engineering rigor, and creative exploration while engaging a methodology to bridge the highly conceptual with the distinctly executable. Before joining IDEO, David spent two years at a small Engineering firm working primarily on advanced R&D contracts for the Department of Defense and NASA. Projects included aero/mechanical design and manufacture for the Navy’s hypersonic electromagnetic railguns as well as concept prototyping novel space suits for NASA/MIT. Here, David worked extensively with “smart materials” such as shape memory alloy and piezoelectrics. He has also worked at AeroVironment, developing next-generation unmanned aerial vehicles.David earned an MS in Engineering at Stanford University’s Joint Program in Design where projects ranged from a single-handed foray into coding social media data visualization to a small team project where he co-founded an electric vehicle company, building a fully-functional concept prototype that was presented to high-level executives of global auto industry leaders. David’s earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering at Boston University, but not before exploring several other paths including Biology, Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. He held the ASME chair and was awarded an Engineering Leadership Award by the University. David’s interest in Biology had included internships at laboratories specializing in Hematology, Pathology, Molecular Chemistry, and Nephrology. He has been awarded by the US Army and the US Public Health Service for research and has a publication in Circulation Research. In addition to Science and Engineering, David has exercised a strong interest in designing brand touchpoints, including services, experiences, and environments. In his spare time, David plays the musical saw, races bicycles, and reads Hemingway.


Jean-François Dugas – Executive Game Director
Jean-François started his career at Ubisoft Montreal in 1997. After completing a degree in Computer Arts and starting a BAC in sociology, at the age of 25 he gave up everything to focus on his passion: videogames.

At the beginning of his career, Jean-François worked mainly on racing games as a lead game designer. His 1st title, Monaco Grand Prix, was a Formula One racing game that shipped in 1998 on Nintendo 64. He then worked on the sequel to this game and a few other concepts before becoming interested in first person shooters. Far Cry Instincts shipped on the original Xbox in 2005 and would become his first title in the genre.
After 10 years working for Ubisoft Montreal, in the spring of 2007 Jean-François received a unique opportunity. He was asked to participate in the creation of the Eidos Montreal studio by building the development team for its 1st game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a prequel to the 2000 cult classic Deus Ex: Human Revolution would become the most ambitious title that Jean-François worked on to date in his 15 years in the industry.

Mary DeMarle:
Mary DeMarle has worked in the game industry as both a freelance contract writer and full-time narrative game designer/writer for over 15 years. Her work has crossed genres and play styles, and includes such award-winning titles as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Homeworld II, Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation, Dungeon Siege: Broken Sword, and the Splinter Cell license. She is currently working as Eidos Montreal’s Narrative Director.


Jane Lindholm:
Jane Lindholm hosts the award-winning Vermont Public Radio program Vermont Edition. Jane joined VPR in 2007 to expand Vermont Edition from a weekly pilot into the flagship daily newsmagazine it is today. She has been frequently recognized with regional and national awards for interviewing and use of sound. Before returning to her native Vermont, Jane served as director/producer for the national program Marketplace, based in Los Angeles.  Jane began her journalism career in 2001, when she joined National Public Radio (NPR) as an Editorial/Production Assistant for Radio Expeditions, a co-production of NPR and the National Geographic Society. During her time at NPR, she also worked with NPR’s Talk of the Nation and Weekend Edition Saturday. Jane graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in Anthropology and has worked as writer and editor for Let’s Go Travel Guides. In her free time, Jane enjoys nature writing and photography. She has had her photojournalism picked up by the BBC World Service and combines photography and nature writing on her blog, She lives in Monkton.

Seven Days

Eva Sollberger:
Eva Sollberger produces editorial and advertising video for Seven Days, an alternative newspaper in Burlington, Vermont. As a full-time staff member for the past 5 years, she has produced hundreds of videos and hours of content. She is a one-woman crew – producing, shooting and editing her videos from start to finish.  Her weekly Stuck in Vermont videos profile artists, events and oddballs – in January of 2013, she’ll celebrate her 300th episode. Eva also appears weekly on WCAX’s The :30 to show a short version of her video and discuss it live on air.

Prior to joining Seven Days, Eva worked in the Northern California film industry for a decade, producing visual effects for big-budget pictures, staffing the San Francisco International and Sundance film festivals, and projecting 35mm films at The Rafael Film Center.  She’s worked just about every gig imaginable from babysitting to bartending to coffee jerking and everything in between. This eclectic resume is where Eva learned how to talk to different types of people which makes her current job a lot easier. Eva made a cable access show about popular culture called The Deadbeat Club for three years and any day now she swears there will be new episodes…

Christina Sbarro & Peter O’Neil – are forthcoming

Kristen Haring
Kristen Haring is a historian of science and technology on the faculty of Auburn University. In Ham Radio’s Technical Culture (MIT Press, 2007), she examined amateur technical activities, particularly the hobby of two-way radio communication in the United States. Kristen is currently working on two projects. One documents how the telephone changed conceptions of place. The other is a cultural history of binary systems.
Though the use of binary that is most familiar today is in electronic communication and computation, analytic methods based on two fundamental elements have been deployed for centuries, in many contexts. Kristen hopes to increase popular understanding of contemporary binary systems while raising appreciation for past forms of binary coding and interpretation. Her presentation of the diversity of binary applications includes playful, tangible products: she knits Morse code, by toggling between the stitches knit and purl like a telegrapher turning an electrical pulse on and off. The act of knitting Morse code provided unexpected insight into the history of telegraphy, underscoring the value of hands-on engagement in research and teaching.

Kristen earned degrees in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a PhD in history of science from Harvard University. She has held fellowships at the Stanford Humanities Center, Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart), the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin), and the Smithsonian Institution.

Mahmoud Jabari bio forthcoming, but do check out his TEDx talk – AMAZING!  – CCM student;Featured-Talks


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