April 17 — Watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group

Contact: Professor James E. McKee, mckee@champlain.edu, 802.865.6495

Students interested in seeing a marketing brainstorming session at work are invited to check out the next Kelley Marketing Group meeting on campus.

When and Where: 7:45 a.m., Ireland 217

On the agenda…

Gary De Carolis and Tim Daubenspeck of the Turning Point Center of Chittenden County

  1. Your name(s):Gary De Carolis, Interim Executive Director – Today’s Date 02-14-13
  2. Name of organization: Turning Point Center of Chittenden County
  3. What is your organization’s mission? The Turning Point Center is a dedicated, compassionate peer driven community that provides recovery support services in a safe, substance-free environment for individuals and families seeking self-discovery and sustained recovery from drug abuse and alcoholism.
  4. Description of the services your organization provides: Recovery coaching, support services, volunteer opportunities at the Center, hosting a wide variety of 12-step meetings and a variety of alternative meeting from yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and exercise.
  5. Who are your competitors? No real competition for this service. There are two other peer run centers in the Burlington area but they focus on the mental health issues of guests where we focus on alcohol and drug abuse with the understanding that there are likely mental health issues driving the drug and alcohol abuse.
  6. How do your services compare to those of your competitors (E.g. price, quality, features, and name awareness)? Again, we really do not have competitors as such. Our services are free.
  7. What challenge(s) do you need our help with (e.g. public relations, brochures, etc.)? Mounting a coordinated, comprehensive sustainable fundraising effort. We receive the same amount of funds as the other 10 Turning Point Centers in VT (64K) but the number of guests that we see, the cost of rent and staff costs are 2,3 and 4 times what the other 10 Centers have. This leaves us with a huge funding gap in order to keep providing the hours and comprehensive services that we offer.
  8. Who are your customers or clients? All of our clients are guests who are in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse addiction.
  9. How are you currently marketing your services to your customers and prospective customers (E.g. retail, direct mail)? We do outreach on a weekly basis to many of the programs that help start people on the road to recovery (ACT 1, Day 1, Maple Leaf, Lund Center), we also host many AA/NA/CA/MA/CoDA, UA meetings here so people get to see our Center and hear about what we offer. We also have a brand new brochure that we will widely distribute to various community resources.
  10. Do you have a marketing plan? (If not, we have attached an outline of a marketing of a marketing plan for you to review) Not a strategic plan as such. We are launching various efforts to build the marketing infrastructure so as to position us to be ready for the next stage of fundraising. These steps include: Brochure development, master donor list, donor packet, website re-do, product committee (coffee, paper goods, etc,), event committee, large donor committee (Board)
  11. What is your profit history/goal? To be financially sustainable such that it allows us to pay staff an adequate salary with benefits. Currently staff has a very limited benefit package! No vacation days and 6 sick days a year.
  12. Is there anything else that will help us to understand your organization? _We are open 364 days a year, 90 hours a week and heavily dependent on volunteer support by our guests. Given the low salaries, with limited benefits, we have a high turnover rate among staff. At the same time, given the tremendous mission of the Center and how our guests consistently tell us that without the Center we would not be able to sustain our recovery and even in some cases statements about how the Center has saved their life we are operating on a precarious shoe string. It is time to put the Center on more of a firm footing.

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