Feb. 3-4 — role-playing opportunity to assist Mediation and Conflict Studies program at Champlain

Contact:  Jared Ordway, jordway@champlain.edu

Call for Adventurous Volunteers — Faculty, Staff and Students

Students, faculty, and staff members are invited to assist the Mediation and Advanced Conflict Studies Graduate Program as volunteer role players during the first weekend of February!

At present Jared Ordway am looking to complement a current pool of former students and professional mediators who return each semester to participate as coaches and “conflict-parties” role players in interpersonal conflict scenarios. As a volunteer, you and a counterpart, together, will role play a dramatized conflict scenario while being “mediated” by my students in my course. No stage, film, or TV experience required to be a great volunteer.

As an added benefit to you (besides blowing off a little dramatic steam), participation as a volunteer in this opportunity affords you the chance to observe and experience mediators-in-training doing what they do best, as well as contribute to their learning by engaging actively in post-scenarios class discussion! The fact that former students and supporting professionals volunteer their time to return with each course offering speaks to the experience; one that is truly unique and rewarding for everybody, whether or not you are involved in conflict resolution work. Beyond the actual role plays, perhaps the most enriching for us all is the post-scenario dialogue and exchange of ideas in which we discuss the experiences of the parties in conflict and how the trainees systematically manage conflict dynamics. For faculty, staff, and students alike, there are numerous take-aways that you can apply in your personal life and professional environments.


What: Volunteer participants needed to role play conflict parties in mediated “conflict” scenarios (characters and roles will be described and provided to you in detail).

When: February 3rd & 4th (Three different sessions, on Sunday AND/OR Monday). You could elect to join in one, two or EVEN all three if you have time!!!

-On Sunday-

Session 1 –  Sunday Morning, February 3rd

Schedule – 9:30-12:30

Session 2 – Sunday Afternoon, February 3rd

Schedule – 13:30-16:30

-On Monday-

Session 3 – Morning, February 4th

Schedule – 9:00 – 12:30

Where: SUNDAY’s session will be at Champlain Campus, while MONDAY’s session will be at the Bishop Booth Conference Center located near Burlington High School.

How: Please contact me as soon as possible by e-mail [jordway@champlain.edu] to indicate your interest and availability for a particular session/sessions. If you have a moment to also briefly share why this opportunity piqued your interest, that would be great! Feel free to email me with any questions you might also have.

Forwarding and More Information: For those of you forwarding along this email to potential volunteers beyond Champlain´s walls and halls, they are welcome to learn more about the Graduate Program here:


To learn more about our Faculty, you can see our profiles and read about our work and the courses we teach, here:



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