Events the week of Feb. 19-24

T H I R D   P L A N E T   U P D A T E :  Some thoughts from our users on the relationship between globalization, human rights, and our happiness: “Global capitalism — the definition thereof — needs to encompass education and human lifestyle choice and activity”; “[T]he people I care about are always talking about finding more work to make more money, to do the things they want to do. But then they never have the time to see the loved ones they’re earning the money for, and the whole shebang just makes me ill to my stomach”;”The future of human rights really depends on the commitment of the countries who are the biggest players to establish conditions to trade that reflect universal human rights.” Are your rights expanding or contracting in a global marketplace? Is it making you happy?  See you at!

* Feb. 20-23 — play, Hamlet: Prince of Denmark

* Feb. 20 — International Roundtable — Ciaran Buckley hosts this open discussion of global affairs every Wednesday. —

* Feb. 20 — Watch marketing in action with the Kelley Group —

* Feb. 21 — Roundtable — Chuck Bashaw and Lindsey Girard cohost this popular, intellectually stimulating gathering every Monday and Thursday. —

* Feb. 22 — Emergent Media Brainstorming Session —

* Feb. 22 — UVM Holocaust Studies speaker series —

* Feb. 23 — slam performance poet, Buddy Wakefield —

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