Events the week of Jan. 28-Feb. 3


Ask Jonathan Mikulak — — or Julia Caminiti — — for details behind this effort to acknowledge the important work of the American Heart Association. Pictures can be posted on Champlain College’s Facebook page.

This week on Third Planet: NEW THIRD PLANET TOPIC! “Can forgiveness play a role in justice? Or does the same crime always demand the same punishment? Does it matter what the victim wants?” This topic was inspired by a story in the New York Times Magazine about a family whose 19-year-old daughter was shot dead by her boyfriend, and their decision to embark on a process called “restorative justice”… well worth a read with your students.”

Third Planet on the Teachable Events blog site:

* Jan. 28 — Speak Easy —

* Jan. 28 — Justice League event — “Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality” — 

* Jan. 28 — film, A Separation (Iran, 2011) — Core Middle Eastern Film Series —

* Jan. 29 — Study Abroad Fair —

* Jan. 29 — Facebook workshop with Elaine Young —

* Jan. 30 — International Roundtable — Ciaran Buckley hosts this open discussion of global affairs every Wednesday. —

* Jan. 30 — film, Hedwig and the Angry Inch — part of the every-Wednesday “Semiotics of the Feminine Other” film series sponsored by DFM —

* Jan. 31 — Brown Bag discussion with Kristin Wolf — “Adventures in Amazon Beekeeping!” —

* Jan. 31 — Roundtable — Chuck Bashaw and Lindsey Girard cohost this popular, intellectually stimulating gathering every Monday and Thursday. —

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