Teachable Events for the fall 2012 semester

Welcome (back) to the Teachable Events Committee (TEC) blog site.

N E W   T H I S   S E M E S T E R :  The TEC has been developing basic study skills resources for Champlain College students, especially for first-year students who may benefit from assistance in gearing up for rigorous academic work. Encourage students to make use of these resources, and please contact the TEC — teachable@champlain.edu — if you’d like to make suggestions or additions.

Bookmark the TEC blog site for weekly (and sometimes more frequent) notices about events on campus and in the surrounding community that can enrich classroom learning at Champlain College:  https://teachableevents.wordpress.com

LISTING AN EVENT ON THIS SITE: Send an email message to Teachable@champlain.edu as far in advance as you can. The site will be refreshed each Monday morning, and events that are sent to the TEC by the previous Friday stand the best chance of being included in the Monday dispatch sent to all Champlain College faculty and staff. Include in your message any media content that you would like to include, such as images, hyperlinks, and video clips. The TEC will make every effort to incorporate them into your page.

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